Friday, July 17, 2009

Interview Questions

I have been out of the loop for a while on my blog. For that, I apologize. I caught up on some reading material today which includes Craig Groeschel's blog "Swerve" ( I had the pleasure of reading his responses to the "One Prayer Inteview" of selected guests for his blogs a few weeks back. I am inspired to answer these questions on my own for my followers, so here goes....

1. What is the biggest leadership lesson you have learned in the past year?
In the corporate world there is a top-down approach to setting a tone or a culture in the organization. In the ministry role world (which I think would also work in the corporate world as well) there is a bottom-up approach. I believe that with authority comes responsiblilty and a successful leader will understand that in order for the mission to be accomplished, they must oversee that the morale of the team and each of there subordinates is focused on the vision. To ensure an "of one mind" mentality in a team, it is important to relay the vision of where the ship is going, continuously to the team. Also, it is important to teach the principles of generosity and selflessness to the team.
This was especially evident on the New Orleans trip. Day in day out of being in the trenches, working on the front lines of rebuilding peoples' lives, it was important that I, as a leader, worked as hard as I could to display the attitude of a servant, serving my team and the community.

2. What is God showing you personally?
I think it is important to approach each opportunity with an attitude of appreaciation. Each time that I feel called to a specific role, something about the opportunity ignites a passion inside. If I am excited about it on day 1, then I should be excited about it on day 300, and day 3,000. In order to keep the "fire burning" I must stay in a place of humility and reverence before the Lord. He has chosen me and it is not something that I have achieved through works.

3. What is the top ministry challenge you are facing?
Where to go next. Jen and I are getting married in 3 weeks. We are seeking God in His direction for our lives as a family. We both feel blessed by God with having a local church with many different minstry opportunities, and are waiting on His divine call for our direction in ministry.
Also - Balance.

4.What do you do for fun?
Spend time with Jen. Family. Golf. Run. Work out. (Haven't been surfing yet this summer...bummer)

5. What are you currently reading?
Proverbs - 1 per day correlating with the day of July. Great wisdom! I am loving it!
Just finished "For Men Only" Jeff Feldhahn