Friday, February 20, 2009

Faith By Obedience (intro)

It is 7:00 on Friday, and I am still sitting at work. Tax season has hit full force and I have mountains upon mountains of piles of work to get done as soon as possible. Lately, I am feeling very stretched. Priase God, I have found some things to get me through the day. For instance, one of the new passions and ministries that I am serving in is Financial Peace University. I found Dave Ramsey's radio show podcast. Even though it is only about 30 minutes long, I look forward to the insight about personal finances that I receive from it everyday. I am very thankful that God has used him in such a way. Dave's ministry is growing and helping people achieve financial freedom. In my breakout groups in FPU, I am seeing some inspiration in the eyes of people looking for peace in their relationships through their finances.
God is giving me many revelations lately, of which, I find myself too busy to get on the blog and discuss. I am able to share with my girlfriend Jen, but beyond that I am stuggling with the idea that my time is at too high of a premium to break away and pour out everything that I am feeling, hearing, sensing and recieving. It is a very unfortunate feeling.
One person that I have been thinking about lately is Noah. His story is full of faith and obedience. Noah went against the grain and never followed the current of the people around Him. God clearly spoke to him about building the Ark and No did not hesitate to obey the call. Noah probably did not have any clue what he was doing. He was building a huge boat to exact specifications. He was an amazing display of obedience by faith.
We should strive to have faith and obedience like Noah. God calls people to all different areas of ministry. I am finding out that it works in seasons. Sometimes the current or pool might be drawing you in a certain direction. But God has called you to either stand firm or journey in the other direction. What will you choose? We can see what Noah chose. He and his family was blessed due to his obedience. God spared them from the great flood. They were the survivors and their decendents prospered.
There is so much more to this story that has been rattling through my head for a while....I hope to share the rest soon.
Lord, I love you and want to honor you through faith and obedience. Please continue to give me strenght and motivation to carry out and fulfill the call that you placed inside of me. Lord, we know that the gate to the kingdom is narrow and if I ever lean to the right or the left, be with me to hold me up. Thank you for you loving kindness that lasts for eternity. God I want to make you proud. Thank you for being with me in all things. I LOVE YOU LORD!

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